Android Automotive OS

A project for Logistics enterprises

Helping delivery drivers with customer routes

The App runing on Android Automotive infotainment gets a list of customer orders and provides directions to the driver delivering their orders.

Version 0.1 - Written by Marc Farssac. Last Updated November 30th 2022

Drivers bringing orders to customers and on time now have an easy way to get directions, call the customer or cancel deliveries.

Version 0.1 is the very first prototype runing on Android Automotive. Currently it lets the driver input an email address that will be used to get the list of orders that he has to deliver.

Currently the list of deliveries is read from a Mocked API using: and the driver is offered a list of deliveries with the possibility to select which one wants to deliver. Then Google Maps will facilitate access to the customer address.

Version 0.1 - Demo running on emulator

Scrren record of Anroid Studio running an Automotive Emulaotr API 31

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