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Below you will find a list of Android applications I have developed since 2013. Some of them are connected to a basic backend. Others show remote sensor (IoT) data. In these cases I have developed embedded software solutions connected with backend Google PaaS Services that allowed me to architect and prototype end-to-end solutions. This provides me with hands on experience architecting, developing and testing scalable end to end solutions with Android clients.

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Realtime stockwatcher with RESTful API
State hoisting with Compose
Jetpack Compose - First App (Beta)
Architecture Alternatives @ Roche Diagnostics - 700h multiple variants development with JetPack & Architecture Components in Kotlin (MVVM, Data- & Viewbinding, Room, LiveData, Navigation, DI, Dagger, Hilt, Koin)
End to End - Sensor Reading in Real Time
Jira tracking with GitLab integration
XMPP Messaging
Room, LiveData, MVVM and a Firebase Realtime Database
Sleep Medicine Remote Diagnostics with Android OS Wearable
Io T Sensors Interconnection
Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway
Proximity Beacons for Marketing App
Jetpack & Architecture Components (Oct'18)
NFC Near Field Communications Reading
IoT Frontend with @Octave
Snore detection with Tizen O.S Wearable
Snore and movements with Tizen O.S Wearable
Snorek hits the market
Snorek 2013 - 2014

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