Snorek hits the market

August 2013
Snorek Free is published to the Google Play store

The first Snorek App was published in Berlin (Germany) in August 2013. Initially only one App hit the market and latter the same year, other product variants with a lot of granularity were published. Snorek Free was as it name says, free of charge and allowed the user to know how many times had snored over one night.

Main Dashboard


Snorek Standard Settings

Snore Warning Personalisation

Snore Warning Sound Selection

List Of Snores In One Night

Snoring Times Of The Standard Version

List Of All Snores In One Night

Snorek Lite, Snorek Standard, Snorek Extrem & Snorek Extrem+ are published

Those were the beginings of the Google Play store. With the aim to monetize the App, diffeerent product variants were created each of them offering more configuration options and features to the user for a little bit more of money. At that time subscriptions did not exist and product were sold for a one time payment.

Snorek Free

This was the free version and allowed the user to know how many times had snored in one night.

Snorek Lite

With the Lite version it was possible to configure a warning mechanism, either by making vibrate the phone or by making the sound of one of the system notifications.

Snorek Standard

The Standard version allowed the user to personalise the App, adjusting how many times the user wanted to be warned. For example just one time at night, or many times.

Snorek Extrem

Snorek Extrem was the most configuratble of the Apps. It had settings to fine tune the snore detection, say for example that you were sleeping with an open window. The algorithm would be more strict when filtering noises. It also offer the possibility to auto configure itself from the snores of previous nights remembering your "average" snore noise level and warning you with more confidence.

Snorek Extrem Plus

Snorek Extrem Plus had the same features than the Snorek Extrem but could also work with a linked bracelet solt by Snorek. In this case, the App could warn you through a vibration, a sound or by making vibrate the separately sold Snorek bracelet.

Snorek bracelet

It could be Bluetooth paired with the telephone and the App would make it vibrate if the Snorek Extrem Plus was purchased and this enabled from the App menu.

Snorek 2016-2021 (a.k.a SnoreWare)

Snorek evolved as you can see from the SnoreWare project pitch deck and became SnoreWare, as part of a more ambitious Sleep Data Analysis Project.

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Snore detection algorithm

The biggest difficulty was to develop an algorithm that understands sounds and is able to know when one sound is the one of a snore. Many App versions were released with algorithm improvements. At the begining, the App offered the user to "help" in the better snore detection by telling the App the type of rom were was sleeping. This was used by the algorithm being less sensitive to noises resembling snores. With time the algorithm got better and this setting disapeared from the App.

To know more, continue reading about the next generation of Snorek Apps

Bluetooth ready !

Snorek Extrem Plus was able to communicate with a paired bracelet to warn the user when was snoring.

Snorek 2013 - 2021

The Snorek Free App available from the Google Play store has kept over time the same package name, but it has evolved and changed a lot. Read about today's new Snorek products available today in the Google Play storek.

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